NFB Project STRIVE is dedicated in providing quality programs to help meet the unique needs of blind and visually impaired youth throughout Utah. Project STRIVE instructors are positive, educated, blind adults who are fully dedicated to model, mentor, encourage and teach life, education, and employment readiness skills. These skills, along with a positive attitude towards blindness is absolutely critical for blind and visually impaired youth to transition successfully as adults.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Club STRIVE Volunteer Day- UPBC Family Farm Fun

This past Saturday some our our amazing Club STRIVE members spent their afternoon volunteering at the Utah Parents of Blind Children Family Farm Day! Club Strive members arrived early and helped prepare individual buckets for each children which included their name in Large Print & Braille. The buckets were used to collect surprises and awards along the way.

Photo Description: Austin recently broke both his wrists long boarding. Didn't stop him from showing up and participating. Here he is taping a name on one of the children's buckets.

Each Club STRIVE member lead a fun activity that children and their parents rotated through. These activities included: Cow Patty Throw, Money Find in Saw Dust, Cow Feeding, O&M Scavengar Hunt, and Unlimited Pony Rides.

Photo Description: Caroline lead all the pony rides with a smile on her face!

Club STRIVE members that participated had a great time taking a leadership role, mentoring younger blind children, receiving valuable volunteer experience, and bonus.. each earned 5 iPad points!

Photo Description: Austin & Megan mentoring future Club STRIVE members Adam & Kortnee.

Thank you to Denise Colton, UPBC President & Bill Gibson, Director of the Utah Division of Services for Blind & Visually Impaired for inviting Project STRIVE mentors to help with this fun day!

Photo Description: A picture of Katie & Kristie Colton near the Gibson's white fence

Next Volunteer Opportunities: October 9th: Club STRIVE Cooking Without Looking: Cookies for the Road Home Shelter; UPBC Family Lagoon Day/Braille Book Exchange


  1. Sounds like a great day. Austin, I can relate - broke both my arms ten years ago! Was quite the experience!

  2. Becky, hoping you can be a part of Club STRIVE one Saturday afternoon. It's the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. I can have Cheralyn Creer send you a list of "themes" to see if any of them interest you. We want these teens to know as many hip blind peeps as we can! Smiles. Marla