NFB Project STRIVE is dedicated in providing quality programs to help meet the unique needs of blind and visually impaired youth throughout Utah. Project STRIVE instructors are positive, educated, blind adults who are fully dedicated to model, mentor, encourage and teach life, education, and employment readiness skills. These skills, along with a positive attitude towards blindness is absolutely critical for blind and visually impaired youth to transition successfully as adults.

Monday, October 25, 2010

October Recap-iPad Opportunities Galore

Hello Club STRIVE Members & Parents!!


We had a fantastic time together in October and accomplished a lot in a short amount of time!! Wow, 21 club STRIVE members were in attendance! The theme of the month was, "Using Resources" which included:

1) Adam & Kirt providing a thorough introduction & instruction on the Victor Stream. We understand this was an introductory lesson, if you are interested in more instruction, please make this request by replying to this email.

2) Barbie's instruction & guidance resulted in Club Strive members cooking over 12 dozen cookies for the families living in the Road Home Shelter.

3) Cheralyn worked hand in hand with Club STRIVE members who cut & tied a couple dozen fleece blankets for the Roadhome families for the Winter months.

4) Club STRIVE members brought over 100 gently used or new blankets to donate to the Roadhome Shelter. Many iPad points were awarded!

**FYI. When your Club STRIVE instructor checks in this month, please let them know how many blankets you donated. Once we receive this information we will send out iPad point totals. (You can also email this information to Marla)

5) DSBVI Training Center & Vocational Rehab staff gave an important & informative presentation about Vocational Rehabilitation now & the future. Club STRIVE members were given applications to bring home and were encouraged to complete & set up an appointment to take advantage of this resource. Email will follow with detailed instructions.

Mark you calendars NOW for November 13th program. The theme for this month is: "Beliefs about Blindness"

Adam will be instructing Club STRIVE members on how to use JAWS to navigate the internet & download books from BARD.
**See instructions under the October/November iPad points title on how to sign up for BARD (Braille & Audio Reading Download).**

Cheralyn, Barbie, and Brook have surprises up their sleeves that will challenge Club STRIVE members in the areas of Orientation & Mobility, Active Daily Living & Social Skills.

Are you one of the few that have not heard about the iPad incentive program? No worries, contact Marla at 801-599-3164 or to make sure you are signed up.

You can sign up at any time between now & April 1, 2010. Requirements: Must be a member of Club STRIVE. It is helpful, but it is not required to attend the monthly programs to participate in the iPad incentive program.

October/November iPad Points

Resume’ Builder. Volunteer at least 1 hour in the community between October 9 through November 13. Take a picture or write a paragraph about your experience (5 points).
*For those that attended the Roadhome Shelter, this counts

ADL. Make a dozen cookies at home by yourself from start to finish. (3 points).
2 bonus points if you take a picture with you and your cookies and email to Marla by November 9th

Technology. Adam will be teaching students how to use the internet with Jaws and download a book from the NLS website. In preparation for this, we need 100% to sign up for BARD (Braille & Audio Reading Download). In order to do this you must be a patron of the Utah State Library for the Blind & fill out a BARD application found here

You can contact the Library for the Blind at 800-662-5540 to help you through this process. (5 points) Bonus Points: (3 extra for signing up before November 13)

Resume’ Builder. Share A Talent or Achievement. Contact Cheralyn Creer before November 6th to share a talent, achievement, or positive experience with the Club STRIVE group. Examples can be: Music, Art, Drama, Public Speaking (Positive Experiences that have helped you grow), Technology, Sports, Personal Achievements, etc. (5 points) Bonus Points: (3 extra if you submit paragraph before November 13. 2 extra before December 11. 1 extra before January 8)

Independent. Dr. Kenneth Jernigan defined independent travel as “the ability to go where you want when you want, without inconvenience to yourself or others.” Read Cheralyn Creer’s article, “Faking it No Longer” & write what a paragraph on what you learned after reading it. (5 points). Bonus Points: (3 extra if you submit paragraph before November 13. 2 extra before December 11. 1 extra before January 8)

Technology. Club STRIVE members respond to this email by November 13 from your personal email account. Address the email to Mrs. Marla Palmer. Subject Line: Club Strive Rox. Email Content: Tell Marla how often you check your email. (3 points).
Bonus Points: (2 bonus points) Write at least 3 sentences what you like about Club STRIVE and/or what you would like to learn more about in the future). In the cc: section include Adam Rushforth's email address:

Ongoing or Future iPad Point Opportunities

*Read Braille, 1 point per 30+ minutes a day. I KNOW there are Club STRIVE members that read Braille every day for leisure.. I'm not getting your weekly emails. These minutes could mean a free iPAD baby! Remember to Include: Date, Minutes read, Title of Book, and Number of Pages read.

*Attend Club STRIVE, 5 points

*Fill out a vocational rehabilitation application & make an appointment with DSBVI, 5 Points. Extra 5 points if completed application, appointment and approved by February 1, 2011

*Visit a college campus and visit their Disability Resource Center. Ask and record the person’s name over those student’s with visual impairment. Send proof to Marla Palmer (brochure, picture, signature of parent). 5 points per college

Recruitment. Do you have a blind or visually impaired friend that hasn't participated in Club STRIVE? Bring them with you to an activity and you will earn 5 points. (Only 1 club STRIVE member per new recruit)

Share A Talent, Resume & "Faking it No Longer" Article (5 points)

Technology. Follow us on Facebook
for random & surprise points!

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