NFB Project STRIVE is dedicated in providing quality programs to help meet the unique needs of blind and visually impaired youth throughout Utah. Project STRIVE instructors are positive, educated, blind adults who are fully dedicated to model, mentor, encourage and teach life, education, and employment readiness skills. These skills, along with a positive attitude towards blindness is absolutely critical for blind and visually impaired youth to transition successfully as adults.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forget Justin Beiber, I've got Ipad FEVER! 50 DAYS and counting...

If you haven't heard already, last Saturday Club STRIVE announced the 50 Day Countdown to the Ipad Contest. Today officially marks Day 9 of the 50 challenges available for you to dominate, accomplish, slay! You can find all 50 challenges either on our Facebook page or here on the NFB of Utah website. iPad points will be updated every Monday so you can view who the weekly leaders are. Remember if you complete all 50 challenges, you can earn up to 250 points from now until April 30, 2011

The following is a letter that was sent out via email or given to each member that attended the March Club STRIVE meeting.


Project STRIVE is so proud of the growth, accomplishments, and excitement that the iPad challenge has created.

We have received awesome feedback on some of the challenges that weren’t always easy. Here are a few comments we received:

Orientation & Mobility Challenge
“I used my cane last Monday when I went to my friend’s house. I used the bus system to get there, and it took me 2 hours. One way I found it to be helpful was when I was asking which bus to take to get there, the man told me without hesitation.. In the end, it was a good learning experience, so I'm glad I took my cane with me.”

Active Daily Living Skills
“Today I cleaned my bathroom when I got home from school. It took me approximately 1 hour to complete this task. I had no help with this because it was mine, and mine alone, to clean. I know it doesn't mean much when I say that before I started it "looked" clean, but after cleaning it by feel, I can certainly say it was a completely different story. Ewww. It was not an enjoyable experience and I used my hands to feel before, and after, scrubbing to make sure it was all cleaned and that there were no bumps or clumps left on any of the surfaces of my bathroom. I think the easiest was my counter and the hardest was the toilet.”

Importance of Adult Mentors
“Cherylan's article (Faking it No Longer) was really cool. I feel so lucky that I can say that I am blind or visually impaired and not be afraid of what others think. Even though I don't use my cane every place I go. I still feel confident and comfortable to explain my blindness to people if it is needed. Cherylan's is a great example and I am happy I have got to know her, and hear all her stories that she tells me so I can learn from her mistakes.”

With 50 days left until the competition closes, it is not too late to join the fun! For those that may behind the “top leaders” now is the time to kick it into high gear! For the next 50 days, there will be 1 challenge per day. You can complete the challenge and email Marla on the same day, or keep track and email what you accomplished at the end of each week. Each challenge will be worth a total of 5 points which equals 250 points. This is almost double what our current leaders have! This opportunity makes it anyone’s game.

Remember, participants can continue to earn points for reading and sending in their Braille reading minutes (1 point per day for 30 minutes), checking facebook or text for surprise bonus points, and attending Club STRIVE. Hint, hint: Mega points available at April’s Club STRIVE, “Spring Career Day”! Hint, hint, hint: Top leaders have consistently turned in weekly Braille minutes to earn an extra 5-7 points per week.

STOP!! New daily challenge! Fitness Log. If you exercise (aerobic in nature) at least 30 minutes per day, you can earn one point per day. Your exercise log will look similar to your Braille reading log. It must include the date, type of exercise and minutes and emailed every Sunday with your Braille and challenge. If you have questions on what counts as aerobic exercise, contact Marla directly.

This outline lists each challenge per day. You can complete the challenges in order, or skip ahead. Your choice. The goal is to complete as many as you can in the next 50 days. Be honest and do your best. If you are dishonest for any reason, you will be immediately disqualified. You must also complete the entire challenge to earn the 5 points. Partial points will not be given for completing partial challenges. For example: If the challenge asks that you complete a task and then send a picture you must do both and report by the deadline to get the full points.

It’s encouraged that you send a summary each Sunday along with your Braille & Fitness log. Braille & Fitness logs MUST be sent every Sunday to be awarded points. However, all participants will have until April 30, 2011 to email what challenges they fully complete. Don’t wait until April 29th to cram in 50 challenges.

On Monday, March 14, all points up until this time will be updated for each participant. An email with the total points and challenges earned will be sent. Leader points will also be updated weekly on facebook and Project Strive’s blog.

Good luck and if you have any questions, please contact Marla Palmer by email or calling 801-599-3164

Ipad Incentive Requirements: You must be a paid member ($25) of Club STRIVE and must be present at the NFB State Convention Banquet, May 14th. If you are unable to pay the $25, please contact Marla for creative ways to meet the registration requirement fee.

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