NFB Project STRIVE is dedicated in providing quality programs to help meet the unique needs of blind and visually impaired youth throughout Utah. Project STRIVE instructors are positive, educated, blind adults who are fully dedicated to model, mentor, encourage and teach life, education, and employment readiness skills. These skills, along with a positive attitude towards blindness is absolutely critical for blind and visually impaired youth to transition successfully as adults.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slate & Stylish and other cool blogs

Do you have a blog? Do you follow anyone's blog other than Project STRIVEs? I've recently learned that two of our Project STRIVE friends have their own blogs. How coolomondo is that? Karlee & Ashley are both Seniors in high school and ready to graduate. They will take everything they have learned at home, school, and other opportunities and will soon enter the "real world". Those that attend Club STRIVE might recognize this has being the "T" word or TRANSITION. On their blogs, both Karlee and Ashley's give their unique perspectives and feelings on some of the big decisions they have to make.

Karlee's blog can be found here. One of her latest blog posts talks about goalball which is obviously one of her passions. I love how she is honest about college decisions and how important the ACT test is. Oh, and it's apparent she has caught the Bieber Fever!

Ashley's blog is found here. I love Ashley's "About Me" description. "I am a.. quiet, friendly, (maybe illegally) blind, persistent Latter-Day-Saint student, athlete, wanna-be interior designer, friend, runner, and leader. I strive to be.. positive, spiritual, and outgoing. Let's see how this goes for me." I think Ashley needs to include funny because her posts make me smile. Looks like Ashley got Jimmered.

Now, there are some pretty hip blind adults with their own blogs. One of my all time favorites is "Slate and Stylish" written by Deja Powell. Deja writes, "Slate & Style is a place where blindness will be discussed openly in a classy way but with a sassy sway in an effort to stamp out some misconceptions about blindness and answer questions that many have but may be afraid to ask." One of Deja's recent posts entitled, "Dear Mr. President" posted on March 28, 2011 is a MUST READ. Stop what you are doing. Scan back a few words and click on the link and read. If you have ever doubted for one second that you are not smart enough, good enough, literate enough... read Dr. Bell's letter to President Obama.

Finally, a local favorite is "Crusin' With Cricket: The Journey of Becky & her guide dog". Club STRIVE had the opportunity to spend some time with Becky last November and visit her successful business, Resilient Solutions. Becky is a licensed professional counselor and certified Thanatologist and has 15 employees. She is a positive blind role model and blogs daily. She is remarkable and was recently awarded the "Wasatch Women of the Year". Way to go Becky!

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